Accelerator Participation Agreement

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Terms of use, confidentiality policy and disclaimer are included in this Referral Agreement. Except in the form amended by this agreement, each of these agreements and guidelines fully applies to your participation in the program. In the event of a conflict between one of these policies and this agreement, this agreement applies. Below are all the agreements you need to sign in the founding institution. Questions and Answers – As a member of the program, you have access to weekly question-and-answer sessions. They will have access to a total of 8 meetings beginning with the entry into force of this agreement. The company will provide you with details on how to participate in these question-and-answer sessions. This group provides you with a forum to connect with other program participants and seek support and support. Company members will attempt to interact with group participants, but the company will not provide any guarantee that any of its employees, founders or members of the group will participate. They are required to comply with all the rules published in this group. If you do not follow these rules, you lose your right to participate in this group.

If you lose your right to participate in the group due to a violation of the rules, you will not be refunded. The company`s content is not intended for resale. Your participation in the program does not give you the right to use protected content in an unauthorized manner, in particular, you will not remove or change any ownership rights or any mention of imputation in the content. You use protected content only for your individual use and do not continue the content without the express written permission of the company and the copyright holder. You agree not to acquire property rights to protected content. We do not grant you explicit or unspoken licenses for the intellectual property of the company or our licensees, unless expressly authorized.