Cooperation Framework Agreement Template

takes effect from the date of this agreement and continues to take effect for the duration, and Section 5 (Confidentiality) remains in effect two years after the expiry of this agreement. Other provisions of this agreement come into force on the effective date after the contracting parties have served and will remain in effect for the duration, unless the parties agree otherwise. The parties negotiate the extension of the three (3) months before its expiry and the duration may be extended by mutual consent of the parties. The duration of cooperation in the sense of point (b) (i) is five years from the date of entry into force; If Pinduoduo`s cumulative processing costs do not exceed the amount re-started after expiry, Pinduoduo`s non-cumulative amount may continue to accumulate after the expiry date, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. 2.1 The parties agree that, as part of the duration of this agreement, the contracting parties will conduct extensive cooperation in the following areas. (3) Through the strategic cooperation provided for by this agreement, the parties hope to improve Pinduoo`s e-commerce competitiveness and the ability of Tencent platforms to benefit from e-commerce and expand their user base. Framework agreements are “umbrella agreements” that define the conditions under which contracts are awarded within the allotted time. They are common in the business world and are mainly used when the buyer needs products or services for a certain period of time, but they are not sure of quantities or volume. These are formal documents used in business circles. 3) if, at the end of the period, the parties fail to reach an agreement on the renewal of the agreement; 4. The contracting parties agree that, notwithstanding the parties` rights to seek the retention or temporary exemption from a competent court, the contracting parties, prior to the resolution of this dispute, shall, by mutual agreement or by the court, fulfil their respective obligations under this agreement, without prejudice to the rights of the parties, unless the competent court decides otherwise or cannot fulfil those obligations.

, after all the circumstances have been taken into account. of the quarrel. 1. Disputes, controversies or claims arising from or related to this agreement (including, but not limited, to: (i) contractual rights, obligations or obligations, pre-contractual or non-contractual and (ii) all matters related to the constitution, effectiveness or termination of this agreement) are resolved through a concerted consultation with the competent staff of each party regarding this cooperation initiative. There are four types of agreements: – country-by-country agreements – general agreements with multilateral organizations, international organizations or NGOs – program support agreements – agreements with implementation partners: (a) any non-public, written, oral or other information relating to organisation, business, technology, investments, finance, trade relations, transactions or other matters of one of the contracting parties; (b) the existence or content of this agreement or the terms of other agreements that are carried out under this agreement. and (c) any information produced by a party that reflects or contains other confidential information. Guidelines for development cooperation agreements are available under “Tools and Models” (“Agreements”). The framework agreement sets out the services offered and the time. The agreement does not specify the extent of the services.