Hospitality Agreement Utrecht University

Please check the specific requirements in English for your chosen course at the university. The University of Utrecht is headquartered on three sites. The university has a number of buildings located in the historic center of Utrecht, where it originates, in an area officially known as the university district. Most of the university is located in Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof. The third site is the Prins Hendriklaan International Campus. Join a Webinar Utrecht University webinar several times a year. By participating in a webinar, you will get more information about the university, its master`s programs and learn from the experience of university staff and current students. Sign up now for a webiner! It is recommended that superiors and scientists discuss the employment or admission of an international researcher with the faculty`s human resources advisor as soon as possible. In particular, scientists from third countries who require a visa must prepare for their stay at least two to three months in advance. If legal procedures are not followed, this can have great consequences for the university as a whole. The faculty`s human resources advisors will notify the ISD of the request for the required documents as soon as possible. The University of Utrecht also offers a partnership program that focuses in part on knowledge and knowledge and is addressed in part to each partner. Finally, and not least, ISD`s support for an agreement can facilitate the use of international talent.

Great university, teachers are very invested and have a great knowledge. The university`s infrastructure is impressive and well located. The bachelor`s degree is very research-oriented. I`ve learned a lot and I`m really happy. Scientists will also more explicitly appreciate our hospital policy on higher education. Twice a year, general meetings are held for all international scientists, in addition to two annual meetings on pensions and taxes. In order to make the international scientists of Utrecht and our university truly “down to earth”, a special package has been developed for them, focusing on their first days in the Netherlands: a Schiphol Utrecht train ticket, a shopping bag with some useful products, sports and course passports and a “Welcome to Utrecht University” bag with some gadgets. In short, upon arrival, the internal staff will know that it was the best choice to come to Utrecht! Each year, a few hundred international collaborators and PhD students come to work or visit the university as visiting researchers or teachers. The ISD is not for students; they are referred to the International Office.

How do you apply? Our application process is done online. Requirements and timelines vary depending on the program. For more information on the application process, please visit the university`s website. The University of Utrecht is one of Europe`s leading research universities. Each year, more than 2,000 international students come to the University of Utrecht to take their excellent english programs and courses. The university ranks 1st in the Netherlands, 13th in Europe and 52nd in the world thanks to the prestigious Shanghai Academic rankings of the World Universities 2013.