Manitoba Teachers Society Collective Agreements

For the purposes of the salary plan, unless otherwise affected by this agreement, teachers are ranked according to the classification and years of work experience that are allocated to the Manitoba Education teacher (based on Manitoba Regulation 515/88) and included in the compensation plan. The department will strive to maintain teacher contact time within schools and at the most similar levels possible. The student`s contact time, which is assigned to a teacher in a school during the normal school day during each school year, may be higher or less than that of the previous school year. MTS operates another website, The Collective Bargaining System, which allows collective teams to manage the collective bargaining process via a simple web browser interface, and provides access to support information and historical collective agreements through full text search and intuitive hypertext browsing. Below is the current collective agreement between the River East Transcona Teachers Association and the Transcona River East School Division. If you have any questions about the interpretation of this agreement, call the RETTA office at (204) 661-1823 – you can download a PDF copy of the collective agreement by clicking here. The personal holiday day must be used in its entirety. An unused day (1) may be transported for one year, so that, for personal reasons, a teacher must obtain up to three (3) days off free of charge for the teacher. Unless authorized by other persons authorized by the superintendent or the designated commission, teachers may not take more than two (2) days in a row. Overall, Bill`s passage would introduce 45 centralized collective bargaining for all manitoba school departments/districts and teachers, with the exception of Manitoba`s Franco-Manitoba School Division. In schools where there is no assistant principal, the indicated annual allowance can be evenly distributed among teachers designated at the school.

“Full School Year” is the minimum number of days required for a year of experience for teachers recognized by Manitoba`s education. The remuneration of the salary received by substitute teachers for one month is passed on to these teachers no later than the fifteenth (15th) of the following calendar month. The department does not require teachers to justify their requests for personal leave. Check out the full 2014-2018 collective agreement or choose the areas of the collective agreement below: all collective agreements are available online and in different ways. Much of the equipment is only available to bargain hunters. In the absence of exturable circumstances, the leave request is made available on the basis of the will of trial. No more than two teachers per school may be on leave on the same day. The agreement is a legally binding employment contract concluded through collective bargaining with the employer and the union. Qualified staff are on demand during the meal period to deal with student discipline or other problems that usually arise in a teacher`s duties. An alternative task of at least half a day (1/2) is offered to a substitute teacher who is called to work and who reports for the mission finding that his services are not necessary. Student rate: $9.69 per student according to “A students.” Rate applicable from the fall semester following the signing date. The above does not apply to the teacher`s private affairs, such as the private or marital affairs.

If, in this case, the teacher does not use maternity or shorter parental leave, the salary and/or increase is assessed based on the actual number of days of classes taken.