Subdivision Agreement

The buyer will respect and comply with the subdivision contract and all other agreements relating to public services and municipal services, as well as all statutes concerned by the Land. The detention symbol (h) is removed from the land in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act, provided that the following points are dealt with satisfactorily: the registration of the contract of subdivision executed. The purchaser of Lot 23 for himself, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors and agents acknowledges that the neighbouring parks identified in the subdivision contract and/or already present may have installed active sports, leisure and leisure facilities. The seller is not required to provide proof of compliance with the subdivision agreement or any of the facilities, alliances or restrictions to which the countries are subject, and the buyer is satisfied with it. If you would like help finding information, please contact us. Until Onassa Corporation is exempt from any obligations under the subdivision contract, countries receive temporary facilitation in favour of Onassa Corporation, its employees, advisors, representatives and representatives, for all purposes related to Onassa Corporation, which fulfills its obligations under the subdivision contract. Unfortunately, the page you`ve been looking for may have been deleted, the name has been changed or temporarily unavailable.