Tenancy Agreement Candles

We are not allowed to make candles. Fire danger. No birthday candles. No barbecue. We must have the worst lease of all time… Lots of other strange things… I agree that it is ott and seems unreasonable on the owner`s part, but to protect myself, I would check by the kidney agreement, as if by the mention I take in writing about the candles, they may have a reason not to return to bail. My first hand flat rental contract that has no TV or radio after 21:30, I said I had changed at the time of moving in, but the point is amazing what some people have used in the fine print on my father`s chords to complain a bit when I make them in my room because of the confusion of the `smoke` (no fire problems, I was treated and careful). Typical of adolescence I rolled my eyes and continues. But later, when I looked at my curtains, quite new, dark pink (it was in the 80s!), you could certainly see the “smoke” on them. So yes, I guess they do the need to decorate arrive earlier. Plus the mess of it when you first wash the walls.

I rarely light candles at home for this reason. The thing about decorating is that you do it if you need to, the things that need to do it sooner are not ideal. That`s why a lot of smokers chose to smoke at home. Of course, candles are not as bad as cigarette smoke, but the principle is the same. As an owner, I managed internally, but if the place was clean and maintained, I wouldn`t say anything. I would rather someone like you light candles than someone who cares less about their environment. I`m sure she`ll want you to stay 😊 WhyCantI you`ll tell us more about your strange lease! Our owner came the day before yesterday to our first routine inspection (we had been there for six months). She seemed very happy with everything, and I think we are very tidy and cautious.

One thing was a bit strange – she saw that we had candles and told us that she hoped they were decorative, and we couldn`t burn them, because the smoke from candles would mean she would have to redecorate in a few years. I know that candle smoke finally has an effect, although I think cheap candles are the worst for that, and we don`t have them. But I thought it would be part of the wear and tear, like anything they could do. Obviously, nothing is mentioned in the candle lease! What I wonder: if you are a landlord, is it something that would really worry you, and/or that it would be reasonable to ask the tenants not to? When developing contractual lease clauses, lawyers try to use general clauses that have the widest possible demand.